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Give Me A Resolution!

Old 06-09-2016, 11:19 PM
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Default Give Me A Resolution!

This scenario has probably happened to most of us on the forum: we have a problem of some Jag-sort, so naturally, we head here, to Am I right?

So, we do a search of our problem, resulting in 13-44 pages of results to go through. We begin reading through the ones that look promising or entertaining, each thread often coursing multiple pages--of problems, potential solutions offered by caring Jag owners, bad jokes and occasional innuendo, redefinition of problems, more potential solutions, the outcome of one or a few repair attempts, a few more potential resolutions are offered up, and...

...n o t h i n g. Thread ends in dead silence. DAMNIT! Especially when this happens over and over, hours of reading.

I went on a small rant at the end of an old thread (several years old) about misfires and bad coils, that ended in 2012 or 2013 with NO RESOLUTION at the end; but the original thread-bearer came back a few years later (!) and said, 'Hey, just in case this might help someone, I did (this-and-that) and it's been running great for years now.'

I posted a reply with a thanks, noting that '...threads without resolutions are worthless, and often a huge waste of time...'

Now, Jaguarforums is noble enough to remember my birthday and send me a b-day greeting (thanks, Jaguarforums; none of my kids remembered!). That lead me to wonder: can Jagurforums also remind thread-originators ("threaders") to post a resolution, success-or-failure, once a thread is inactive for a while, say, a month-or-two? ...and continue needling them until they confess results?

Imagine how much more valuable this forum would be if each and every thread actually had a final resolution at the end! This forum has been priceless to many of us, yours truly included; with full resolution at the end of every thread it would be priceless-times-Infinity! (Buy stock now while it's cheap)

Just tossing this out there, wondering the possibilities, and what other forum members think.
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Old 06-10-2016, 03:23 AM
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The forum search function leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer to use Google and the relevant forum threads generally appear at the top of the list. Our search function is only as good as the thread titles. Typos and obscure titles can make things difficult or impossible to find.

When I and other Moderators read a thread that has a definite resolution to an issue, we edit the thread title to add RESOLVED but have to agree these are in the minority.

Members can help here by sending one of us a PM about any we miss.

More often the solution is within the thread but the OP's are so delighted to have their vehicle fixed that they forget to add a closing post. They also forget to hit the THANKS button on the post(s) that provided the right answer.

Your birthday greeting is automatic unless you're getting a handwritten card from Jim in which case I want to know what happened to mine last year.

Posting reminder(s) in threads asking OP's to post a resolution, success-or-failure is a massive manual task which would need a large team of full time employed staff and is impossible for a tiny group of volunteer Moderators. Nothing to stop members posting to ask an OP what was the eventual resolution.

The best answer to the search and resolution issues has to be better use of the FAQ stickies at the top of the model tech forums. Model information, regular issues and RESOLUTIONS should appear there to make it the first place to go for answers. Prompted by a PM from a member, I've just done an FAQ sticky for the new F-Pace and your post here reminds me the XK8/XKR FAQ's could do with tidying up.

The membership needs to be pro-active in improving the forum. It's a superb information resource but much of that information is difficult to find. When you find a thread that is about the same issue you've got but just seems to fade out without a definite resolution, add a post asking the OP for the outcome.

Where a thread is worthy of being added to FAQ's, PM a Moderator about it.

Old 06-10-2016, 05:11 AM
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It is a nice courtesy to put what the answer/resolution is at the end of a thread that you start. However it is a nicety observed by only a few who care about leaving something behind for others. Such is life, people have their needs gratified and move on.
Old 06-11-2016, 02:19 AM
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What I was thinking of was some kind of 'automated' prodding, automated being the key word, not done manually, like the automated birthday greetings are done; I understand that this is sorta an apple/oranges thing. I don't know how to build or maintain web pages (or forums), but just was wondering out loud.

What about some kind of pre-warning / pre-request that pops up when a forum member is wishing to start a new thread; that when the new window opens to start the new thread, a pre-new-thread screen opens first asking, plainly, that the thread-starter is to agree that if they start a new thread asking a tech/problem question, that they agree to post when they have found a resolution to their question/problem, or, if none is found, to state so in a 'reasonable' time.

Of course this wouldn't be binding, but, psychologically, it may make people feel more obligated to finish the threads they start, which would be of immense value to this (and any) forum and it's users.

How about something like that? Would it be too hard to have an "Agreement Form" (or call it what you will) open first when someone attempts to start a new thread?

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