’59 Jaguar MK1 Gets Its Drift on at Goodwood

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Forget about prancing around or even setting the best lap time. This is how we like to see a classic Jaguar be driven.

In the world of motorsports, drifting is one of the few iterations that’s more about style than speed. And it has to be, because we all know that sliding around corners, tires ablaze isn’t exactly the quickest way to get around a track. But much like in drifting, participating in a Goodwood Festival of Speed event is more about style than absolute lap times. Even if you’re driving something like a 1959 Jaguar MK1.

Regardless, that doesn’t make Grant Williams‘ entertaining (and downright hilarious) trip up the Goodwood hill any less cool. In fact, it seems to have earned the chap some extra attention. And it’s clear from that start that Williams is here to have some fun in his classic Jaguar MK1. While also perhaps leaving a lasting impression upon the crowd.

Jaguar MK1

And that he does, lighting ’em up at the starting line before emerging from a giant cloud of smoke. And even though a classic Jag may not seem like an obvious choice for a drifter, it does a pretty darn good job here. Credit the skinny tires and prodigious power, of course. But it’s also clear that Williams, sawing away desperately at the massive steering wheel, is up for the challenge.

It’s essentially everything that’s right in a world so often obsessed with taking all the joy out of a hobby. Few people are willing to even drive their cars these days, let alone have some fun in them. But in this case, one man is determined to put a smile not only on his own face, but on the faces of everyone watching. Mission accomplished sir, mission accomplished!

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