I Have A Jaguar E-PACE: What Do You Want to Know About It?

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Take a look at this wee little Jaguar E-PACE cub, and ask me anything!

This is the Jaguar E-PACE. Specifically, it’s an E-PACE SE P250 AWD. So, it’s a mid-spec car with the 246 horsepower Ingenium four-cylinder turbocharged engine, and, of course, all-wheel drive. The exterior is a lovely Caesium Blue hue, and the interior is two-tone white and black leather. It rolls around with about a $48,000 price tag once options are factored in.

Oh, and, before you ask: I didn’t close the hood properly after taking engine bay shots, which is why the hood line looks odd in some pictures. I eventually realized I was an idiot and fixed it. If you notice that, that’s my bad.

It’s a pretty sweet ride, so, Jaguar Forums members, what do you want to know about the E-PACE?

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