Side Wheeling Range Rover Takes on the Goodwood Hillclimb

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Terry Grant, who pulled off the Jaguar E-Pace barrel-roll, used a Range Rover SVR to beat the side-wheeling record for the Goodwood Hill Climb.

Stunt people have always been a very special breed. A successful stunt person must have a keen sense of precision, a mastery of their skill sets, and a completely full bucket of lunacy to hand. Terry Grant has made a career of doing the kind of thing with vehicles a normal person would happily watch, but never actually try. Originally his career was in racing cars, but in 1995 he took part in a UK televised charity event and made a decision that would take his career down a different path. Grant decided that in a segment he would jump from a moving car driven by F1 driver Jonny Herbert and then get back in. 22 years later, and he’s the man the world saw use a Jaguar E-Pace to set a world record for the longest barrel roll. And that was after he set the loop-the-loop record in an F-Pace.

Goodwood Hill Climb Range Rover SVR two wheel record Terry Grant

His latest record is a personal challenge that also happens to be a world record. Grant is a regular at the Goodwood Festival of speed, and he’s often used to entertain the crowd when the red flag comes out as well as performing planned stunts. In 2011, Grant drove a Nissan Juke on two-wheels up the Goodwood’s hillclimb in 2-minutes and 55 seconds. This year, he decided he would beat his own record using his Range Rover SVR, and Goodwood has been good enough to put the whole run up on their YouTube channel so we can repeatedly enjoy Grants amazing precision and skill behind the wheel as he dips into his bucket of lunacy.


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The first attempt didn’t go so well after Grant brushed his tires against the flint wall and rolled over. But after his Range Rover SVR was rolled back onto its wheels, Grant was back the next day and kept on trying until he knocked a whopping 30 seconds off his previous record.

That Range Rover SVR he drives is actually no stranger to records. It’s a former development vehicle that was used heavily on the Nurburgring and set a record for the fastest SUV around the track at 8-minutes and 14 seconds. Now it’s a rear-wheel drive stunt vehicle with a hydraulic handbrake and a welded diff. Other than that though, it has no extra safety equipment. Not even a roll cage, something that would be the perfect safety net for the kind of spectacular two-wheel shenanigans that Grant clearly enjoys. It really does take a special breed to do what Terry Grant does. He may be a lunatic, but he’s our kind of lunatic.

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