New Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Rolls Into Guinness World Records

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Jaguar is a luxury performance car brand with a British stiff upper lip. So, what happens when the Duke brothers launch the marketing for the new E-Pace?

We have all seen some grand entrances from automakers but Jaguar takes it to a new level. They introduced their new luxury crossover, the E-Pace. It has a turbo 2.0 liter inline-four, makes 246 hp and has all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Jaguar has taken on another Guinness World Record with it, too. It seems Jaguar aims to make record beating synonymous with their brand. Can you imagine the crew of full-time scientists, engineers, and physicists they had to hire to achieve some of these feats?

Jaguar E-Pace barrel roll

Jaguar had to completely modify the suspension, as an off-the-shelf E-Pace was not quite capable of their goal. Robots were engineered to test the car numerous times. Then don’t forget the giant inflatable landing pads for the many tests of landing a barrel roll. The video is on Jaguar’s YouTube channel and it did actually happen.

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However once you see this Jaguar SUV spiral in the air and nail the landing, you understand the thousands of hours that went into the engineering performance. The sight of this beautiful red Jaguar SUV twirling through the air just as an Olympic ice skater would is not an image that will easily leave your head. The outfitting of the car is very important but so is the man behind the wheel. The stunt driver, Terry Grant, has quite the bar bragging rights now. “Yeah I am the guy that barrel turned the new Jaguar E-Pace”. We here at JaguarForums know we would be all ears to his stories. Check out a Jaguar defying gravity and rocking it. Let us know what you think of the Jaguar E-Pace barrel roll in the comments below.

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