What Would You Do If Jaguar Gave You an F-Type R?

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Jaguar just gave Car Throttle the keys to a new F-Type R for a few months. How long before they drive it into a tree? Bets anyone?

Being an automotive journalist has its perks. Driving the latest and greatest for every manufacturer is an awesome part of the job. Having a new car turn up in your driveway every other week is a dream for most people. So, why don’t we all be journalists? Well the pay is less then you think, and this means we can’t afford $100,000 F-Types. If we were all journalist there would be no one to sell the F-Type R to, and Jaguar would go out of business.

jaguar f-type r convertibe

Luckily for us, someone at Car Throttle was able to talk Jaguar into loaning them a new F-Type R convertible for a few months. Their new F-Type is a real beauty and would look at home in our garage. The white body with a red convertible top is the perfect California car. Maybe if we talk real nice to Jaguar, we can have one like it in the future. Their F-Type, like all F-Types sounds incredible. The host complains about the styling of the steering wheel, calling it ugly. We strongly disagree, but steering wheels are a very personal choice. So, the real question is why will they do with it?

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Creating new and exciting video content is all about the views. Driving an F-Type R is exciting, but how many times can you make a video showing people how awesome it is? So, they must take it on adventures or on the race track to make it interesting. We are betting if they get desperate they might try something crazy like drifting. Luckily the new F-Type R is all wheel drive, but the system is still a bit tail happy. So, what would you do if Jaguar gave you the keys to a F-Type R? Let us know in the comments.

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