How to Own a Jaguar F-Type For Free With Turo

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jaguar f-type v8s turo

Airbnb turns you house into a instant rental and could pay your mortgage. Now Turo allows you to do the same with your car and own your Jaguar for free.

The Jaguar F-Type is a dream car. It has stunning good looks and a wonderful engine note, in V6 or V8. The convertible offers the added benefit of bringing the entire sky into the cabin, adding a extra sensation to the driving experience. The sights and smells of the surrounding area come flooding in as the wind passes over the open roof. The vivid experience of cruising down Highway 1 in Malibu, CA, is enhanced with the smell of the ocean and the sun bathing the cabin in light. So, what would you say if we told you, that you could own a F-Type V8S convertible without paying any money out of your own pocket?

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Your crazy, a joker, or maybe even a jerk, you might say, but you would be wrong. Reddit user Stukovx has been doing just this for over two years. On a recent ask me anything(AMA), he answered countless questions about his business. He rents his cars through Turo, a car rental service similar to Airbnb, in which you can rent out your car to people. He is based out of Oakland, CA and rents all over the Bay area. So, at the current moment, he makes 2×3 the car payments each month. His fleet, which consists of 3 Jaguar V8S F-Type convertibles, a Porsche 911 convertible, a Corvette Z06 convertible, and a Tesla Model X P90d to name a few.

f-type fire turo

Stukovx has a lot of experience on Turo and not all of it is good. His first Turo car, a 328i BMW, taken by a thief who was the second person using the car. Turo’s insurance covered the $11,000 in damages. Recently one of his F-Types caught fire and burned to the ground. Aside from these incidents he has nothing but high praise for the car rental platform. He enjoys own these amazing cars, while having other people pay for them. So, considering the cars are only in use for 10-20 days out of the month, it seems like a great way to enjoy an F-Type for free. Coming soon, the JaguarForums rental fleet, now we just need to get the rest of the office on board. Let them know in the comments which car we should add to the fleet first.

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