Jaguar XK on the Comeback Trail?

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Jaguar XK

Recent chatter seems to indicate the development of a new Jaguar XK. But does a market exist for the new 2+2 grand tourer?

For nearly 20 years, buyers seeking a handsome, four-seat grand touring machine could opt for a new Jaguar XK. But when the F-Type bowed a few years ago, it effectively ended the XK. And yet these two things, as they say, just aren’t the same. The F-Type is way more luxury sports car than comfy long distance cruiser. And it turns out, at least one pretty important guy wants the XK to make a comeback.

None other than Ian Callum, Jag’s design leader, has openly campaigned for the Jaguar XK to return to the lineup. His less than subtle comments in recent months seem to indicate a comeback for the much beloved grand tourer, in fact. But is there truly room for the XK in Jaguar’s lineup? Would fans of the brand actually go out and buy one? To find out, we turned, of course, to the Jaguar Forums.

Jaguar XK

Opinions, as they often are, seem to be a little mixed on the subject. No more so than that of Jag XKR.

“I’m torn on this subject. The nostalgic side of me would love nothing more than a new vehicle with the beautiful styling of the XK, but with modern electronics, creature comforts, and performance. That’s not to say that the XK is a slouch, but hopefully, you know what I mean.

Then there’s the logical side of me, which realizes that the only reason nostalgia exists is because they don’t make the XK anymore. That rarity and finality is what makes them nostalgic. So I don’t want them to come out with a new one because it makes the old ones somehow less special. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I dream of an XK revival, but I would hate to see one.”

Jaguar XK

Such is the conundrum many enthusiasts face when their beloved cars are replaced by new ones.

“I had that same exact thought whilst pulling out of my driveway today,” says steve_k_xk. “In my opinion, XK’s are something very special. Unfortunately, if a brand new XK hit the market, I have a feeling it would make our current vehicles look old and dated virtually overnight.”

Some folks, including Rivguy, see a place for the XK in the market. Even if it is just a stretched F-Type, which many believe it might turn out to be.

“I would love to see the XK return, even just a lengthened 2+2 F-Type. They could tune it more to the GT side of the equation. Sales would probably come from the F-Type sector. Even with four seats, it really wouldn’t be practical transportation for four adults, just kids in the back. I think that cars like the F are “reward cars” and that the owners will have other, more practical cars available. The F is a more serious sporting car than even the last XKs were. I don’t think that sales of a new XK would be too numerous.”

Jaguar XK

And with the success of cars like the Porsche Panamera, there might actually be room for a better looking alternative, as NBCat (and several others) points out.

“If JLR were to make an X150 replacement, it would probably be along the lines of the Porsche Panamera. Most people wanting a luxury grand tourer would like easy access to the rear seats and more interior room. I personally find the Panamera to be quite ugly. But it does appeal to those wanting a mix of sporty performance, comfort, and room.”

The truth, however, is probably much more boring. JagRag correctly points out the reality of the situation for Jaguar, which is thinking about reentering a rather small market.

“It is much too expensive to design and manufacture an entirely new model just so they can have a 2+2 GT in the lineup. The only way they get this done – add an extended platform 2+2 F-Type to the range of cars. IMO there will not be a “new” XK model in the next 5+ years. Perhaps an F-Type 2+2, but no new XK. I’m sure JLR realize that the market share for this type of car is simply too small. Hence the demise of the X150 cars.”

All of which are very valid points. But we’re curious to hear what you think! Do you believe that it makes sense for Jaguar to bring back the XK? Even simply in the form of a stretched F-Type? Head over here and chime in with your thoughts!


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