Jaguar F-Pace Tackles A Winter Blizzard With Class

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Jaguar’s F-Pace offers all-wheel drive traction in the best looking SUV on sale today. Does the British cat have what it takes to handle a Colorado blizzard?

The weather has started to turn and Winter is showing up. The experience of driving on ice and snow can definitely be a butt-puckering moment, especially without proper tires. A bit too much throttle and you can end up flipped over in a ravine doing snow angels, and not the good kind either. It is no joke to check a cars roof in snow country to see if it has gone upside down in the snow, even more so with truck and SUV’s.

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The new crossover Jaguar F-Pace and the owner decided to celebrate the first snow of the season in Colorado. Nathan Alden from The Fast Lane Car channel shows us a drive in all-season tires on the Jaguar F-Pace in a tremendous amount of snow. There was a little slipping but overall not too bad. The F pace does have an all-wheel drive system so the added traction helps. The traction control system uses technology from Jaguar’s sister company Land Rover, who knows a bit about off-roading. The system uses the brakes to control the traction and wheel slippage. It is pretty advanced for a grocery-getter in a luxury suit.

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Nathan mentions the special heat coils in the windshield really assist with visibility if you know how to look through them. As we all now more visibility is always a plus to driving in a blizard. So, one thing is for sure, traction or not, those heated seats and steering wheel will keep you toasty and cheerful, all the way to your in-laws for the holidays. Let us know in comments below, what have been your experiences driving in the snow?

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