British Design Edition F-Type: Yo Dawg, Jaguar Heard You Like British Design

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“All respect to Ian Callum’s team… But did Xzibit come up with this? Because, yo dawg, it’s a British Design Edition of a British design that’s the successor to an icon of British design.”

In a nod to winning the 2013 World Car Design of the Year award, this spring, Jaguar will release a British Design Edition of its striking F-Type V6 S.

And without taking anything away from Director of Design Ian Callum or his team… Did Xzibit come up with this? Because, yo dawg, it’s a British Design Edition of a British design that’s the successor to an icon of British design.

But let’s look past the badging.

The British Design Edition will use the V6 S as its base, and be offered in both coupe and convertible. And since it sports the 3.0-liter V-6 as opposed to the 5.0-liter V-8, purists can rejoice, because a manual six-speed—along with an eight-cog slushbox—is still on the options list.

Additionally, there’s no need for buyers to go to Arden Tuning for aero bits, as Coventry equipped the latest F-Type a Sport Design Pack that includes a black front splitter, aero side sills, and a rear venturi.


Matching the speedy body attachments, Jaguar adds track-ready parts including a Super Performance Braking System and 20-inch, split-spoke cyclone wheels.

Four exteriors colors will be available, including the new Ultra Blue shown above. For me, this is definitely the most enticing selling point of this special edition. Unsurprisingly, there will also be a liberal application the Union Jack flag red, blue and white colorway.

Check out the pictures and see what you think of Jaguar’s latest pretty kitty.

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