FIA Series Jaguar F-Type GT3 Racecar Renderings

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The FIA GT3 Series Group C is stacked with top performers like Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini. It’s where the Jaguar F-Type GT3 would be right at home. Jaguar hasn’t committed to anything for the FIA GT3 Series, but these renderings showing us the GT3 aero package sure look promising.

DailySportsCar stated back in July that the Jaguar GT3 programme has been halted for uncertain circumstances. We’ll just have to dream and enjoy these renderings as we wait patiently for the next time Jaguar can dominate the FIA Euro GT3 Series. I can already see the second generation F-Type they will enter into the GT3 series with a fire-bombing supercharged V8 race engine.

These renderings are so clean I thought they were right from Ian Callum’s hand. Blowing my mind, I found out that in fact they are from a massive motorsport enthusiast and photographer named James Gibson, who shared these with us last year. Take a look at his website and instagram for all of his motorsport action and racecar renderings.

I think James killed it with the Silk Cut-inspired purple, yellow, and white livery. Those Jaguar years of Le Mans are so memorable for their podiums, race engineering, and that famous race paint kit. Although I am biased towards the Silk Cut, the Castrol race paint grabs attention with that green and red Italian flair, even though Castrol isn’t Italian. The solid British Racing Green example that just shows the front-end made my jaw drop. I have a soft spot for solid colored race cars that look like production race-ready machines for the road. Like the Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series Coupe. The last rendering is the Jaguar factory paint example that expresses the F-Type curves beautifully. But it doesn’t pop like the other race kits.

In the end we can only dream of these cars racing through Spa’s crazy corners in Belgium. But which paint scheme would you choose for your Jaguar F-Type GT3 racing programme?

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Via [James Gibson, DailySportsCar]

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