Jaguar XE Boasts Some Impressive Tech

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Anticipation is popping around the industry with new media releases dropping every week about the new Jaguar XE. The latest reports from Jaguar-Land Rover offer info that the XE will be stocked with top-industry tier one electronics and available cutting-edge features.

Jaguar’s ultra-competitive on-demand all-wheel system has been developed in unison with their sister company Land Rover. This adds sophisticated stability from years of off-road experience. The standard Jaguar Drive Control (JDC) system has many adaptive road settings to tune grip in-cabin. Optional for the AWD is the super high-tech Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) system with All Surface Progress Control that makes the JDC system fully adaptive instead of driver controlled.

Along with a massively improved AWD over previous Jaguars, Team Jaguar has added a smart batch of active electronic safety powered by a stereo camera system. The batch of safety includes Lane Departure Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Traffic Sign Recognition, and Lane Keep Assist, which will physically correct your lane position if you veer from your lane. Between the powertrain, stability programs, and optional AWD system working with the adaptive damping system, traction sounds so tasty I can’t wait to see how it stands up to BMW and Audi.


The on-point AWD system and active safety isn’t the only impressive piece of tech in the XE. Inside the cabin Jaguar has also designed a multitude of modern electronics to assist the driver in safety, comfort, and control. At the heart of the infotainment is the state-of-the-art InControl Touch Pro operating system which comes standard with a nearly 8-inch touch screen or an optional 10-inch touch screen. Wifi will be available through the infotainment system, as well as dishing service to up to eight devices. This system works to protect the driver too, as the stability programs connect with a new Driver Condition Monitor that will alert the driver if not enough input is recorded from the driver.

The last bit of exciting news about the XE is that Jaguar has built an Apple iOS app to work with the iWatch to check the XE’s doors, windows, fuel level, and ability to lock and remote start the engine.

How do you think the XE’s technology will stand up to the Germans?

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