Jaguar F-Type Menacing Modified Exhaust From Capistro

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When I first heard the Batmobile-sounding Jaguar F-Type in the video below, I was sure the Capristo Exhaust company was Italian or German. To my surprise they’re American, putting Riviera Beach, Florida on the map as a region to find a fine, world-class exhaust tuning company.

Over the last couple of decades, Capristo Exhausts has focused on building performance aftermarket exhaust systems for luxury automobiles. Their building quality and techniques are on par with top automakers, like Ferrari, who they initially started making pipes for. Their lightweight CAD designs, tight hand-welding, pretty 309 grade stainless steel, and brilliant electronically controlled valving system are just a few of the factors that exemplify Capristo’s distinction.

Capristo is another progressive exhaust company where the electronic controlled valve system can be remote controlled to tailor the sound of the exhaust note. It has three pre-set modes that can be changed inside the cabin via a key fob. The Cruise mode is meant for low noise; Sport mode’s purpose is to enhance performance; and Open mode is where the valves let the majority of the sound and pressure out. This is right on target for those looking to hush your cat down or pump up those notes.

Judging from their track record, it’s the perfect match to make the loudest roaring F-Type V8 to date. Just watch as the fella in the F-Type V8 does a stand-still redline and a couple drive-bys, allowing us to fully hear the Jaguar V8 growl. The video has a couple other supercars, like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, McLaren MP4-12C, and a Porsche 911, but they are no match for the menacing growl of the supercharged 5.0-liter V8.

There are two systems offered for the F-Type on the company’s website right now. The basic kit, which costs around $6,000, equips you with a sports exhaust system, x-pipe, tips, and remote. The full exhaust kit has those aforementioned parts along with middle-section pipes and a 200-cell sports catalytic converter for roughly $9,500 with tax.

Have you had this exhaust installed? How do you like it? What type of real HP gains did you see?

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