Jaguar F-Type Attacks Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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If you’ve been researching how to tune your F-Type, then the video below of Don Law Racing’s F-Type attacking Pikes Peak Hill Climb might give you some thoughts. For nearly 20 years, the father and son team has built a reputation for being go-to specialists for Jaguar’s super cars and race cars. So it’s only natural that they would be one of the first to fully tune an F-Type for the racing circuits, and a right-hand drive, pure British model too.

The Laws maintain and even re-manufacture certain hard to find parts for vehicles like the Jaguar XJ220, Group C Le Mans cars, and classic Jags. Their experience with Jaguar super and race cars have certainly given them the edge with modifying the F-Type for racing and unique events like hill climbs.

The Law Racing team haven’t released a definite parts list, but from the blogs, videos, and sponsors I’ve seen, I’ve put together a shortlist of identifiable aftermarket and custom parts. Speed-ready tech like a big brake kit from Alcon Brakes, Bilstein MDS race suspension, Carbon Revolution’s world’s-first mass produced carbon fiber wheels, Lifeline fire safety, and sticky thicky Avon tires.

They sew all the goodies together with a set of custom equipment done in-house, with a thick-gauge roll-cage, wide body aero kit, vented hood, and a genuine monster rear spoiler.

Is this something you’d like to see produced in a small batch for your F-Type?

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Via [Bilstein, Don Law Racing, RandelsMediaGroup]

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