Unreleased Armytrix Exhaust for Jaguar F-Type?

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The gentlemen over at Supercars of London have blessed us with an insider video of a one-of-one, rowdy-sounding Jaguar F-Type R with what appears to be an unreleased Armytrix exhaust system.

In the video description, they mention that the F-Type is tuned with an Armytrix exhaust system, but it threw me off when the videographer asked if the exhaust was stock, and the driver replied, “Yes.” That’s pure baloney; just listening to this F-Type, everyone can hear it’s equipped with aftermarket piping, or perhaps an ECU module remapping exhaust algorithms.

Armytrix rose to fame in the modifying market with their high-quality electronic exhaust systems and pro ECU tuning modules for super and hypercars. Their exhaust systems are the most respected for their sound and attention-to-detail in stainless steel or titanium metal work. The Valvetronic tech in the exhaust system is designed with internal chambers using active or app-controlled regulation of the baffling; it really is a work of art. And best of all, the driver can control the sound from a smartphone.

Listen to the video below from about the 1:00 mark on, when the driver, Donze93, does a standstill rev up to 3000 RPM. Do you agree that this kitty’s exhaust isn’t stock? That crackling and popping is ridiculous. Jump to about the 1:50 mark, and you’ll be able to hear the F-Type throttle under load, which really claps and snaps with a faint gurgle in the background.

I’ve searched like a madman for this Jaguar F-Type exhaust system on the Armytrix website and on the web, and nothing comes up. So this might be a prototype they’ve released for one lucky guinea pig to test. What do you think?

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