Early Ordering Incentives for F-PACE and XE Sedan

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Jaguar recently added aggressive pre-ordering online incentives for both the all-new 2017 F-PACE crossover and XE sedan. The XE and F-PACE have high expectations, and are already acclaimed for their design from Callum and their sports car type construction. This limited time web deal greases the wheels for Jaguar pioneers who sign up for this promotion. If you order early online, you can look forward to a waived initial payment coupled with the addition of more standards.

The promo’s highlight is up to $800 in credit towards the first payment, along with a factory InControl Touch Navigation System. It will be the customer’s choice of model and options to have the 8-inch touch screen navigation. If the customer doesn’t order the screen, they’ll have the option of another $500 in deduction. Up to $1300 is true savings, a strong approach to make a positive name in these competitive segments.


The InControl Touch Navigation System, simply put, is in its infancy right now. The 8-inch touch screen operating system, speed, graphics, and applications are only going to get better through time. Jaguar-Land Rover started an incubator in Portland, informing the world of their devotion to rolling out space-age apps. This is an option I would recommend not for its current look, but for its future functioning updates.

To obtain this special deal, Jaguar Financial Group (JFG) recommends reserving the XE or F-PACE for a loan or lease through a Jaguar dealer or reservation-ready website. Accommodations must be made before May 8, 2016 with a major credit card as well as the execution date of the contract before December 31, 2016.


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