Jaguar Hoodwinks Expo Attendees With “Reality” Ride

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Jaguar hoodwinked exhibition attendees recently by offering what was described as an F-Type virtual reality simulator ride, but was really a decoy for an actual test ride.

As you can see in the video below, passengers are led to believe the F-Type is on a stagnant platform with hydraulics for feel. They are given a virtual reality helmet for audio and visuals. The Jaguar representative then does a spot-on job of selling the fake simulator to curious parties hoping to get a virtual feel for the F-Type.

The rep goes deep into the specs of the simulator mechanism and the performance of the F-Type. The interest really sparks when the rep begins talking up the simulator’s hydraulics and the feeling of motion, along with the visuals of the computer-generated imagery. Participants have no idea they are about to be lowered down onto an empty parking lot and driven by a pro driver at the limits of adhesion, whipping up G forces and smoke like a fighter jet in a dogfight.

This Jaguar prank perfectly shows there is no true replication for reality. From my experiences on race tracks, all sensory detail through your hands, ears, chest, and bottom are crucial at speed — sensations which are virtually impossible to replicate in a simulator.

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Via [Jaguar New Zealand]

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