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It’s not common for an aftermarket parts company to offer a full line from engines to interiors, like Arden Performance. Since the early 1970s, the German performance company has been focused on specifically tuning British cars, with a focus on flair and speed. Lately, you might have seen Arden Performance at auto events tuning Range Rovers and Bentleys. But many in this era of tuners are unaware that Arden got their beginnings with Jaguar. And I’m happy to say, they’ve gone full throttle releasing parts for all the new Jaguars, particularly the F-Type.

If you take a look at the tasty mods on their website, you can see Arden has designed a full aero kit or split them up individually for purchase. First grabbing attention is their F-Type’s front splitter with aero flaps, which looks almost hydroplane-esque with its red accents. That same hydroplane aero fashion is carried on in the rest of the bolt-on parts. The front splitter kit also includes side sills, rear diffuser, static rear spoiler, and a brilliantly shining front grille. A set of huge 21-inch wheels are also sold separately. They sit so clean under the wide body by using Arden’s lowering suspension. This adds more handling abilities with stronger wheels and tighter suspension.

Arden styling is quite special compared to what is available today, though I am more of a fan of their performance parts. For the entire F-Type lineup, Arden has developed power components like an ECU remap they refer to as the “P1” update, which adds up to 40 HP and two exhaust systems, one being sport, one being silenced. Their exhaust systems are electronically controlled with a cabin adjustment of the active exhaust flap control to tone up or down the pipes.

The compressor kit, solely available on the R, is the most impressive performance modification making the most of the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 purring cat. Along with the ECU and Sport exhaust system, Arden has designed special forged pistons. They must use the same craftsmanship as they do for their high-quality forged wheels. Arden says it gives the F-Type over 100 more horsepower, but that can change from tuning house to tuning house. No price is set for the package. A fully Arden equipped F-Type carries the same caliber of quality as large tuning houses like Alpina, Lingenfelter, and RUF, adding instant value with lasting desirability.

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