Ford Simulator 7.0 is Jaguar-Flavored ’90s CD-Rom Goodness

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Test drive the new-for-1996 Jaguars from the comfort of your beige CRT monitor!

Clint Basinger, perhaps better known by his YouTube channel name Lazy Game Reviews, is anything but lazy. With careful research and clever insights delivered in his soothing baritone voice, Basinger’s videos cover interesting chunks of tech history.

Two of his loves are classic computer games and cars from the ’90s, and in this video, he delivers a heaping serving of both. Eager to capitalize on then-cutting edge CD-ROM technology, Ford Motor Company issued the 7th and final version of their “Ford Simulator” series on the medium.

True to its name, Ford Simulator 7.0 is like a simulated trip to a Ford dealership circa 1996, complete with specifications, options lists, and pushy sale pitches you can’t just skip past. Sounds cool and all, but why are we talking about it on Jaguar Forums?

Ford Simulator 7.0 is Jaguar-Flavored '90s CD-Rom Goodness

As covered in the video, 1996 was about smack dab in the middle of Ford’s ownership of Jaguar, so the marque is surprisingly well-represented on this disc alongside its Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brethren.

In fact, an XJ6 is featured prominently on the CD sleeve, sharing space with a contemporary Mercury Sable, Ford Explorer, and Lincoln Continental.


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Basinger demonstrates the software with his trademark wit and enthusiasm. We think that he might be a bit of a Jaguar fan himself, as his software demonstration is surprisingly Jag-heavy despite the full line of Ford vehicles available to explore. Of course, we’re not complaining that he chose to click through an XJS instead of, say, a Ford Aspire (although you get to see a little of that, too, if that’s your bag).

It’s an entertaining video for sure, and one we recommend watching if you’re a fan of the era. He has other videos covering period racing games like the original Test Drive and Need For Speed titles which are well worth watching, too.

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