YouTuber’s Jaguar F-Type SVR Gets Cracked in Hit and Run

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The damage may be minor, but it’s still an annoying blemish on this gorgeous Jaguar F-Type SVR coupe.

No one likes the idea of getting into a car accident.  They’re expensive, they’re painful, and they end up just being a giant headache.

The only thing worse than a car accident is a hit-and-run accident, which is exactly what happened to YouTuber effspot – someone in Las Angeles apparently backed into the front end of his Jaguar SVR while it was parked outside of his home.

The damage

Thankfully, this was a minor hit and run accident.  Someone backed into the front end of the Jaguar SVR, causing paint scratches and dislodging the front grille. The damage was minor – mostly aesthetic – but whoever struck the car didn’t leave any information, so it is technically a hit and run accident.


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It wasn’t all bad though – the accident caused the Check Engine light, that had been on for a while preceding the accident, was no longer on when effspot started the car after discovering the damage. That means it’s fixed, right? Jaguar F-Type SVR Accident Hit and Run

The photography

Don’t worry, the 7 minutes of the video doesn’t just cover these scratches. It also features effspot’s side job – taking professional photographs of cars for various manufacturers.  This video features a Volvo XC-60 T8 model, and some beautiful sunset photographs.  IT also focuses on the insane price of gas in California right now.  Supreme Plus gas at the time this video was taken was $4.38 a gallon – the highest it’s been in many years.

Car accidents suck, but thankfully the damage to effspot’s Jaguar is minimal. If anything can be learned from this video, it’s that you should probably not park your expensive sports cars on the street in Los Angeles if you don’t want someone to crash into them.

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