Modified X-Type Jaguar is Shockingly Capable And Fun Off-Road

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You may have to completely ruin one, but mud is no foe to the off-road X-Type.

It was never meant to be this way. When the X-Type debuted many years ago, the all-wheel drive feature was not at all intended to, hinted at being, or suggested for off-road use. But some ideas are too good to pass up, and with X-Types being incredibly cheap, “why not?” is a question often asked.

Alex Kersten from Car Throttle contemplated that exact question when he wondered if there could be something done to make the X-Type actually work in the rough stuff. After an eight week long transformation, here’s what was changed: a lift kit was custom-built, adding 70mm to the ride height. Off-road mudder style tires were added, but to have them actually fit, the fenders and wheel arches needed to be cut and trimmed. To keep the engine safe, a snorkel was fitted to protect it from water, and to protect it from harder items, a sump guard and brush bar were also part of the build. In order to have it work off-road, all the diffs were welded and locked in place. And what crazy build isn’t complete without some loud exhaust pipes? Jaguar X-Type Off-Road build CarThrottle

So how does it all work? It works so well, even we were shocked. Kirsten was amazed as well, bouncing around an off-road park and climbing impossibly steep hills saying, “it just went up like butter!” It actually works so much better than expected, that an impromptu paintball fight between the X-Type and a modified Subaru was invented. After all, why not have fun if everything works?

Kirsten comes away from the experience in awe that un-tested ideas actually were effective. “I’m amazed and proud at how well a crazy idea a few weeks ago turned out. And happy to say that yes, Floyd, one of the worlds most unlikely off-road cars performs incredibly,” he says. We just hope more people come up with crazy ideas, and go for them.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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