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At Jaguar Performance Driving Academy, you’ll be coached on proper precision driving techniques at the limits, while safely piloting R models on closed courses. The full Jaguar R model lineup is available at the Academy, including the XFR and XJR sedans, and the XKR and F-Type R coupes.

The Academy splits into three levels of skill building. Each level up is available only after completing the prerequisite course. Level 1 is a half-day, Level 2 is a full-day, and Level 3 is an even more complex full day of driving.

Level 1 is set with three comfortable courses, which should welcome any driver to precision and speed. From autocrossing slaloms to skid pads testing grip, then over to a high speed bit on the big track. Level 1 is complimentary to R owners who purchased an R model in the last 12 months; after one year, it’s discounted $495 from the $895 full price.

Level 2 includes that plus more runs, pro-driver one-on-ones, video-recorded analyzed runs, and big track hot laps. This course is $1,895, which is well worth it to have that much seat time for skill honing.

Level 3 is the top flight school, which includes all the training, followed by strapping on a GPS to see how fast you’ve become. At $2,895, you’re fully immersed around factory drivers that understand how to eek the most speed out of Jaguar engines.

Check out the video below to get a feel for the Academy, then let us know if you’ll be attending.

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