(Not-So) Secret Discoveries of F-Type Owners

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We all know that the Jaguar F-Type is the “spiritual successor” to the legendary E-Type, and one helluva car. And we can easily tell you about all the powertrain options available in the roadster or coupe version, and the rest of the specs easily available on the company website, or elsewhere around the Web. But there are so many things you can’t know about the car until you’ve spent some time in it as an owner. Well, thankfully, JaguarForums is full of insightful owners, with loads of F-Type experience.

In a thread aptly titled “Name Something You Discovered About Your F-Type AFTER You Bought it…,” JaguarForums member PolkNole makes a very true and altruistic statement: “If everyone lists a thing or two, I’m sure we’ll all walk away with a few AHA’s ourselves!”

After 15 solid pages of AHA’s, the discovering doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Here’s a few of the more interesting discoveries, but it’s really just a small sample.

I learned that the ECO button only works when the car’s in non-dynamic mode, and that the manual spoiler button control only works when the car is in park. —PolkNole

I discovered I actually like eco-mode, and that it works really well. I’ve been having fun experimenting with gas-mileage during my commutes lately, but I’ve had my car for quite some time now. — Foosh

This is my first Jag and I don’t know if this feature is prevalent on the brand, but the windshield washer spray nozzle built into the wiper arms was a pleasant surprise.Socal_transplant

The main thing that I have really found out since owning the F (having had a V6S on long term, a V8S Cab and now the V8R Cab) is that when I’m away working, I really miss going out for a drive! Feel like I’ve lost a friend…aaahhh! — Tel

I love the automatic lights (I have the vision package) and the automatic wipers and the overall driver-centered experience of the car, and of course the sexy looks. — TR64ever+

If you really want to learn about your car, or about the car you really should buy, this thread is the place to start. So kudos to all of you for making it great!

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