Michelle Rodriguez Tops 200 in New Jaguar F-Type SVR

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Perhaps Jaguar ought to officially make the “F” in F-Type stand for “Fast.” Or “Furious.” Can it be both?

It matters not, because both apply since Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez just drove the recently-revealed SVR variant 201 miles per hour on a closed highway in the Nevada desert.

As you can see in the video below, Jaguar invited Rodriguez to up her personal best land speed record by some 60 mph. Being the rad, fearless enthusiast that she is, Rodriguez jumped at the opportunity.

“This is going to be exciting, I hope I stay on the ground,” said Rodriguez.


Watch with glee as she helmets up, grabs the wheel of the 2017 F-Type SVR, and hits the gas. About 3.5 seconds later, she’s traveling 60 mph. Then double that. Then triple! Then … dramatic pause… “200 miles per hour, baby!” Followed closely thereafter by 201!

Growing up in the custom car world and being a part of way too many Fast and Furious films certainly has given Rodriguez plenty of extraordinary seat time, but this was truly special.

“Reaching 201 mph felt amazing, the car drove really smoothly, all my corrections were minimal, I was super focused, and it really reacted in all the right ways. I [didn’t] think I’d ever go this fast without a professional driver seated next to me, but oh man, it was an incredible feeling,” said Rodriguez.

It sure looks incredible too. So much so, that the video seems like an excellent warning to supercars around the world: the souped-up SVR, the fastest production Jag ever, is here. And she’s fast. And furious.

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