“Hot Girl” Shakes Down Jaguar’s Supercharged XE R-Sport

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Current Jaguar XE videos are fairly routine, so it’s refreshing to find a so-called “hot girl” in an arrest-me-red R-Sport, drifting hard in a risque shakedown.

The American automotive press is still a bit shy about pushing cars to their limits with the camera’s rolling, but the old-guard European auto press sure isn’t. So big thanks to the Czech Republic’s AutoJournal for being one of the first to display some of Jaguar’s new-era automotive engineering talent.

In the video below, the Czech boys got a hold of the most performance-oriented XE model for their testing: a 2017 automatic, 8-speed, rear-drive, supercharged V6 Jaguar XE R-Sport in Italian Racing Red. This is the perfect athletic tool for their type of reviewing. And the sexy black and red interior certainly seems like the suitable choice for the “hot girl” tossing it around.

Just listen to that supercharged-6 snap like an F-Type, which shares the same engine. It’s pretty much a 4-door F-Type! Only without the manual option for the V6, which will hopefully be in the lineup when a 5.0L V-8 XE R drops.


The short video isn’t the best quality, or well-edited really. But the rawness makes it charming. It’s real, even through its fakeness. After watching it a couple of times, anyone can see the driving was done by a stunt pro, with the “hot girl” edited in later.

Still, it’s an engaging video for many reasons, including the facts that we get to see how much wheel input is needed, how the seats hold the driver, and how the vehicle fits a tall blonde driver.

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Via [AutoJournal]

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