Floridian Plunges 2016 Jaguar XF Into Swimming Pool

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In Florida last weekend, a brand-new 2016 Jaguar XF sank to new depths when it crashed into a neighborhood swimming pool. It’s hard to decipher which model we’re talking about here, but judging from the chrome brow-bridge high on the trunk, we presume it’s a 2016 XF.

The 80-year-old lady driving the car made it safely out of the vehicle after plunging into the community pool. She appeared to be physically unharmed.

The owner claims that the new Jag, with only 30 miles on the OD, accelerated on its own about 100 yards from her home, directly into the Coconut Creek community pool. Although my guess is that she must have started the car for maybe the third time, never read the owner’s manual, and hit the gas instead of the brake.

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A simple slip and slow reaction time is a sad recipe. What’s so mysterious is that she claims she had nothing to do with it and the XF experienced unintended-acceleration. A couple of our Jaguar Forums members have been bouncing data off of each other about previous unintended-acceleration cases in past decades, particularly about VW-Audi in the 1980s and Toyota in the 2000s. Years later, Audi proved it was human error and not mechanical failure.

It’s widely-known that Audi invented the gear interlock, which requires you to have your foot on the brake to change out of park, a safety feature now standard on all automobiles. Hybrid Toyota and Lexus vehicles have some experts who think unintended-acceleration is due to modern-age computer-era microscopic dangers, where circumstances like tin-whiskers that connect circuits can unintentionally fry your CPU. But those are yet to be proven.

Regardless of what happened, the XF appears to be a very wet kitty. And we all know cats hate getting wet.

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