China Gets Jaguar’s Ultra Luxurious XF Long-Wheel Base

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If you have been paying attention to China, you’ll know being chauffeur-driven represents wealth, power, and success — making it the perfect market for Jaguar’s new XFL. Jaguar-Land Rover has partnered with Chery Motors for the world-release of their XF Long-Wheel Base model in China. This is the first project for the Chery-JLR venture, which ramps up the newly-redesigned, most advanced alloy manufacturing plant and body shop in China. Available only in China, the XFL releases later this year. Let’s hope it sells like mad and then makes a maiden voyage overseas, so the rest of the big hitters can experience Jaguar’s Chinese luxury.

The new Jaguar XFL’s specs for power and performance are quite traditional. Sufficient and efficient power is delivered to the XFL with either Ingenium four-cylinder engines in diesel or petrol. However, if you would like more punch, the supercharged V6 unit is also available, which tosses power past 300 BHP. AWD isn’t listed as an option, so look forward to the pure-bred RWD configuration. More goodies your driver can dream about include the super advanced cockpit, adaptive full-LED headlights, laser heads-up display, Surface Response Control, and a massive amount of electronic driving aids.

But the real magic and luxury happens in the backseat, where most owners will be spending their time. It’s indeed “Vanden Plas-esque,” with luxury fit for royalty. Adding space to the rear compartment, Jaguar added 157 mm more legroom, which probably feels like a mini yacht in traffic. Along with more space, the XFL features twin back headrest 8-inch screens powered by Jaguar’s rad infotainment system. While you’re playing with the screens, have your laptop sitting on the luxurious wooden fold-down table. You’ll have a two screen experience while wrapped in plush Windsor leather with heat, cool, and massage options. Another comforting bit is the four-zone climate control, to keep all happy in their respective corners. And last, but certainly not least, Jaguar’s enhanced blind spot detection helps rear passengers exit safely, which is fittingly called “Clear Exit Detection.”

What do you think? Should Jaguar expand the market for this luxury yacht?

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