Mods4Cars SmartTOP Available on Jaguar F-Type Convertibles

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Mods4Cars specializes in plug-n-play modules for convertibles called SmartTOPs, which add remote-control-ability and other features, and are now available for F-Types. The SmartTOP electronic module offers the ability to lower or raise your Jaguar soft-top using the OEM key fob along with the addition of improved lever actuation of the in-cabin switch.

While displaying the remote-control feature in the YouTube video below, the gentleman is standing at least 10-feet away while pressing the key fob. After the remote demonstration, they head inside the cabin to display the electronic roof lever one-touch option, which allows drivers to get that second hand back on the steering wheel quicker.

On their website, Mods4cars offers a clear description of the plug-n-play unit, which is like an OBD device, but with a little more expertise and finesse required. After the install and setup through USB, voila, it’s a hands-free, out-of-car, one-touch convertible.

This is a nice stealth enhancement, as opposed to loud pipes and big wheels. This is how the SmartTOP can edge your Jaguar into a higher echelon discreetly. It’s under $500 and barely weighs anything, which makes it an upgrade to any class of F-Type convertible.

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Via [Mods4cars]

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