A Closer Look at the Extremely Rare Jaguar Project 7

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Project 7

At a time when just about every auto manufacturer is busy coming out with “special edition” vehicles left and right, Jaguar remains one of the more subtle and calm brands in that department.

That means that when they do in fact release a special project, it’s that much more meaningful. That’s exactly the case of the Jaguar F-Type Project 7. This gorgeous kitty was limited to a 250 vehicle production run, and if you were one of the lucky ones, it would’ve set you back around $165,000 dollars. That’s a nearly $40k premium over a “normal” F-Type.

Project 7

Thankfully for us, Jaguar Forum member zach05855 owns a Project 7, along with a dozen other drool-worthy exotics. He stores them in an Ironman-worthy underground garage at his house in Canada. I’m not kidding, this guy is the real deal. He even has the official Project 7 order letter to prove it.

The Project 7 features a gorgeous topless exterior design, as well as a 5.0 liter V8, which produces an outstanding 575 horsepower. The suspension is about 80% stiffer, and just about every performance component has been either upgraded or beefed up.

Kudos, Zach05855! Enjoy the ride!

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