Sideways Mudslinging in Jaguar’s F-PACE

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Earlier this year, Jaguar sent Carfection into the depths of Wales to an old, slick, rocky WRC course to test the F-PACE’s all-terrain abilities. Cafection’s team makes a punchy point from the start of the video below: the F-PACE is entering a crowded midsize luxury SUV segment. But how are they differentiating themselves? In a nutshell, for the first time, you’re able to buy a Jaguar as an SUV with Land Rover’s gripping tech and RWD-tailored AWD system, which delivers a distinctive Jaguar feel, unlike any other.

Carfection’s critic displays some of the F-PACE’s chassis dynamics and electronic driving aids at work. Watch how easily the F-PACE conquers the slight grade descent at the 1:55 mark, displaying massive control, then powering through some hip-deep wetlands. Jaguar’s work with Land Rover sure pays off for mild off-roading. And I’ll bet that if you added super off-roading tires, the F-PACE could manage some radical terrains with the right pilot.

Carfection must be true auto aficionados, for they know the real animal of a car is felt when you turn off all the electronic driving aids. At the 2:20 mark, they flip all the aids off and start to slide sideways around the big open park. Wheel direction, body sway, and where the F-PACE goes at speed show this outdoor cat is superbly controllable at its limits.

If this review is any indication, the F-PACE should be a serious contender in the performance oriented luxury SUV market.

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