Drone Footage Shows Off Jaguar F-PACE’s Off-Road Prowess

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Most Jaguar F-PACEs will never see serious off-roading, but it’s still nice to have the ability to traverse tough terrains like those on display in the video below. The clip was shot, edited, and produced by Drone Studio’s mastermind Milos Tomasevic, who uses an unmanned aerial quadcopter to shoot much of the footage. Shot in Montenegro near the Adriatic Sea, he captures a remarkable array of footage of the F-PACE at speed, whilst attacking an off-road test course.

As you know, Jaguar and Land Rover are sister companies and share similar off-road technology. Off-roading traction technologies from Land Rover have trickled down through the F-PACE, which makes it superb for land tackling. Not quite the full Land Rover system, but still, the Jaguar Adaptive Surface Response Control is certainly sophisticated enough to handle light off-roading. The chassis suspension dynamics with electronic traction control is road-focused, but the F-PACE is well-suited for activities like the tests shown here.

The initial test in the intro shows the F-PACE’s descending abilities down a steep ramp, most likely while its hill descent control manages all the braking and walking. Looks effortless! Next, it’s on to the loose gravel, where the car displays impressive ease of use. The most exciting bit of the video though is the mud puddle, which the driver flies through while splashing up 10 feet of water. Watch as the Jaguar is barely affected, and then strikes through safely. It sure speaks highly for Team Jaguar, and their efforts to make interesting cars that perform as impressively as they look.

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