The ‘Girls on Jaguars’ Thread Should Help Cure Those Monday Blues

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girl on jaguar

Mondays can be a difficult time, especially after a particularly fun weekend, and then having to go back to the weekly grind. Well, this Monday, we’ve got a little something to help perk you up: girls on Jaguars.

The photos featured here are just a smattering from the 45 fun-filled pages of the “Girls on Jaguars” thread, though technically, some of these girls are merely standing next to the Jaguars in question. The thread dates all the way back to 2007, when member SoCal_S60R noticed something lacking here on Jaguar Forums: “In an effort to contribute to the forum in any way possible, I thought this was an absolutely necessary thread that any and all automotive forums should have specific to their brand.”

And who are we to argue? We are talking about a classic combination here: girls and cars. They just go great together, like peanut butter and jelly. Sure, some folks may deem this combo as being intrinsically sexist, but I prefer to think that we’re just celebrating beauty.¬†And boy is beauty is well represented. Not just from the female models, but also from the Jaguar models, both current and classic.

So enjoy the prime examples below, then hop onto the thread for the full, classic experience. It’ll be like visiting your 8th grade bedroom posters all over again.

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