Jaguar XF’s Sophisticated Tech Simplifies Storm Chasing

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Famous storm chaser “Tornado Tim” Baker is at it again this summer in America’s heartland, hunting destructive weather. But now he’s doing so in Jaguar’s XF AWD sedan. Baker has been hunting storms throughout the United States for the last 20 years and has become a national resource in weather prediction. His strategy is eyes on the sky. Satellite imagery doesn’t just help national weather services, it also gives agents on-the-ground a real-time advantage. The belief is that faster predictions can make the difference between life and death. That’s what Baker and Jaguar have accomplished with this 2,000 mile project: adding speed and simplicity to weather watching, using alerts, supercharged power, and integrated connectivity.

Over the years Baker has used many vehicles for pursuing weather, but as you can see in the video below, he’s most excited to work with Jaguar. The XF’s retooled AWD has adopted Range Rover’s electronic tech, which has proven to be reliable at limits. The S/C 3.0L V6 launches the XF to 60 MPH in just over five seconds, making for a solid getaway car.

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According to Jaguar Vehicle Director Kevin Stride: “When the weather deteriorated, the car’s all surface capability with Adaptive Surface Response and torque on demand all-wheel-drive came into its own. The XF’s AdSR was able to fully exploit all available traction by altering mapping of the throttle, automatic transmission and DSC system to give confidence on the gravel tracks and cope with extreme flooding and high winds.”

Although we are all enamored by Jaguar’s athleticism, that’s just half the job. Jaguar’s integrated command center, which we lightly refer to as the infotainment system, is Tornado Tim’s key asset on the road. He activates the In-Control Touch Pro 10-inch screen to display weather readings, whilst hacking the landscape through the navigation to find the best routes. Then he’s able to quickly broadcast anything through on-board Wifi. Baker says Jaguar’s integrated connectivity allows him to leave tons of equipment at home, so he can simply work from his laptop and In-Control.

Pretty cool, right?

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