Jaguar Attacks Goodwood Tipped Over on Two-Wheels

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Jaguar broke the world-record for largest loop-the-loop in the F-Pace last year, and they’re back to impress us again this year with a wild two-wheeling stunt at Goodwood. Jaguar was thrilled with the performance of stunt driver Terry Grant at the F-Pace world-introduction, where he executed the high-speed loop-the-loop with jet-fighter pilot precision — so he’s back too. This time Jaguar ordered him to attack the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb while tipped-over, balancing on two-wheels as another stuntman dances atop its high-side.

Sounds complex, right? Which makes it so astonishing to see how calm both fellas are at their limits. The video below is thrilling entertainment, though it probably doesn’t come close to capturing what it would be like in person. Still, the camera angle offers an insight as to how crazy and uncomfortable it must be to be leaned over, snaking back and fourth, while finding the right balance on the hillclimb’s tight roads. It certainly shows that low-speeds for an automotive stuntman can be just as taxing as high-speed tricks.


According to Grant: “When Jaguar gave me the opportunity to reunite with the F-Pace used to break the world’s largest loop record, I couldn’t say no. Its light, stiff aluminium body and precise controls make it the perfect wheelie vehicle, and it was great to have Lee Bowers along for company – even if he did climb out halfway through our run!”

Jaguar enhanced this F-Pace with a roll-cage, upping rigidity, safety, and performance while offering more feel when missing two-wheels off the ground. Grant said the AWD system was nice to have, particularly without all four tires touching tarmac. You know, just your average, award-winning, family SUV.

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