Is the 2017 Jaguar XF a KBB Safe Bet?

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jaguar xf

For a long while, Kelley Blue Book has strictly focused on one thing: the ownership experience. That’s no fault of theirs. The majority of auto consumers these days only buy a car for running from point A to point B. It becomes nothing more than a dishwasher that needs an oil change, brakes, and tires. Halo cars often score low points from KBB, either for an inability to hold value, or oil, or both. Yet driving enthusiasts everywhere kept buying them because those faults are forgivable.

KBB now realizes there are folks out there who go after the driving experience. Jaguar, however knows that their buyers want sport, style, and luxury. Sometimes in that exact order. So it’s interesting to hear what KBB thinks about Jag’s latest offerings.

For the new year, the 2017 XF will see some freshening up, even though it does look mildly similar to last year’s model. Inside you’ll see what is described as the best, and quickest reacting touch screen infotainment center on the market today. Under the hood, you’ll find a variety of engines available, but the ones you care about are the supercharged V6 engines. In either 340 or 380 horsepower trims, the engine could be worth the price of admission. Speaking of price, MSRP starts at about $49,000, but you can get that to climb near $80,000 if you’re heavy with the options.

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