Jaguar Introduces New Driver Training School

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This year, Jaguar launched a new driver training school geared towards the 11-17 age group, though it’s welcome to anyone seeking some schooling behind the wheel of a turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel powered Jaguar XE sedan.

Offered now in six U.K. cities, the Jaguar First program is available in 30, 60, or 90-minute sessions from about $50 USD up to $145 USD for the full experience. Events are held during weekends and school holidays, to accommodate youngsters’ calendars.

jaguar driving school

Jaguar offers group and party packages that will accommodate any youth organization or birthday party. This would be an unforgettable gift for any up-and-coming wheelman or enthusiast, raising their safety, confidence, and maturity, all in a day’s work.

Jaguar professionals approach driving starting with basics and then build on that. The instructor has their own brake pedal on the passenger side in case of emergencies. Jaguar says, “If you’re comfortable with the basics, you’ll advance to junctions, roundabouts, and parking.”

You’ll also have the ability to watch your mistakes or your advancements with a complete video recording of the session offered by the school.

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