Jaguar Celebrates Dull and Boring Day with F-TYPE R

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High-performance F-TYPE R brings thrills and excitement to people in two ho-hum towns.

Since 2012, the United Kingdom and the United States have celebrated Dull and Boring Day, a whimsical holiday on August 9 meant to bring attention to the cities of Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon. How did Jaguar help a pair of residents from each unfortunately named place enjoy their Dull and Boring Days? With a car that’s anything but those things: the 2018 F-TYPE R.

About 75 five miles north of Glasgow is the 200-resident city of Dull. According to the gals in the video above, it was named well. The same goes for the 8,000-person city of Boring, which is approximately 21 miles to the east of Portland. Jaguar decided to bring a little excitement to both places by lending two people from each city a 2018 F-TYPE R for a few hours.

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It’s not hard to imagine what happens next. The lucky gals and guys are blown away by its curvaceous beauty. They become addicted to the thrust from the F-TYPE R’s 550-horsepower supercharged V8 as they do everyday things such as go to local stores, pop into coffee shops, and pull into gas stations. Many squeals and giggles of delight fill the cabin. The raucous active exhaust causes even more of them.

In a press release about the above video, Joe Torpey, Jaguar Land Rover North America’s Communications Manager, said, “The Jaguar F-TYPE is our performance sports car, so we wanted to demonstrate how the vehicle can excite the senses and enhance everyday driving experiences. Bringing the F-TYPE to the cities of Dull and Boring allowed us to have a bit of fun with the brand in a way that was relatable for Jaguar consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States.”

Clearly, the people on JLR’s team weren’t the only ones having fun. They picked the right car for the job. The F-TYPE can make listening to a lecture on tax law more enjoyable.

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