Woman Racer Celebrates Saudi Arabia Driving Ban Lift in Jaguar F-TYPE

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‘World Driving Day’ sees Saudi women finally free to drive, and motorsport pro Aseel Al Hamad hits the track to celebrate.

We won’t get too much into the politics of it, but Saudi Arabian leaders are increasingly adopting more liberal attitudes towards certain norms and cultures. One of those norms is driving, and in Saudi Arabia, women had been banned from driving. Now, that rule is gone and dead, and Saudi women are free to experience the thrill of horsepower.

Jaguar was on-hand to help celebrate “World Driving Day,” a program the brand has made to celebrate the enjoyment of driving now and in the future. Female racing driver Aseel Al Hamad celebrated the end of the ban on women drivers with a lap of honour in a Jaguar F-TYPE. Aseel, the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation, had never driven on a track in her home country before.

Jaguarforums.com World Driving Day Saudi Arabia Driving Ban Jaguar F-TYPE

Aseel joined Jaguar in a call for June 24 to be known as “World Driving Day,” a day when finally, the whole world can enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel of a car.

“Having loved cars since I was a child, today is highly emotional for me,” said Aseel. “This is the best driving moment of my life. What better way to kick off ‘World Driving Day’ than a lap of honor in my home country in a Jaguar F-TYPE, the ultimate car to roar around the track.”

Jaguarforums.com World Driving Day Saudi Arabia Driving Ban Jaguar F-TYPE

“By creating World Driving Day, Jaguar urges people to remember this historic day and what it means to women, to Saudi Arabia, and to world progress in general,” said Jaguar in a press statement. “As part of its ongoing work with over 40 universities globally on future mobility solutions, the company will also be partnering with University in Saudi Arabia to join this global network. The partnership, to be announced later this year, will be a unique exchange to tap into the brightest young minds in Saudi Arabia to shape the company’s future innovations as it moves to an Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared future.


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“It’s easy to forget and take for granted the enjoyment of driving and just what a privilege it is to get behind the wheel of a car,” said Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson, Fiona Pargeter. “World Driving Day is a commitment from Jaguar to celebrate this key moment annually for both men and women. This year, we’re really excited to collaborate with the brilliant students from Saudi Arabia to shape the future of mobility for people around the world.”

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