Jaguar F-Type Isn’t Exactly the Family Truckster

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A Jaguar F-Type is good for a lot of things. It’s good for showing off your impeccable taste. It’s good for scaring the bejezus out of unsuspecting pedestrians. It’s even good for helping Andy Murray with his serve. But is it good for hauling kids around?

Before you start arguing that the Jaguar F-Type is in no way, shape, or form designed to be the Family Truckster, let me first express to you that this isn’t my idea. In her “Unmumsy Mum” series, GQ and Sunday Times bestselling author Sarah Turner has been attempting to discover if sports cars and motherhood are indeed mutually exclusive.

f-type kids

Well, one of the major problems with this particular sports car is the very limiting fact that there only two seats in the F-Type. While you might think that any child who needs a protective seat should automatically be left behind, that’s not actually the case. But it does take quite a bit of work to get the F-Type to work with your car seat. And there’s also Turner’s problem of having two kids, and having to pick which one is more deserving of a ride in an F-Type.

Once you actually get the kid inside, there’s plenty more to consider while attempting to mommy in an F-Type: can you change a baby inside it? Can you fit all the extra crap your kid needs? How will other parents look at you? There’s all sorts of things you’d probably rather not think about, particularly if you’re trying to enjoy the car the way it was intended. But as far as readability goes, it’s a highly-entertaining article. So check it out, then let us know what you think.

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