Feel the Noise: Jaguar F-Type R Fitted With Quicksilver Exhaust

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Here we have Seen Through Glass‘ Jaguar F-Type R fitted with new modifications, including a screaming Quicksilver Exhaust. Previously STG’s F-Type R was doctored as a Series 7 replica for 2015, but it now looks like Sam from STG is going for that 2016 F-Type SVR’s look, sound, and power.

Another fresh addition are the carbon wheels. I’ll bet they’re the 21-inch optional OEM bladed spoke beauties, with newly painted yellow calipers. Just those mods alone make this F-Type pass as a factory-built track-ready machine. The last major mods are the lower rear spoiler, that looks darn dramatic, and of course, the race-ready Quicksilver Exhaust System.

Check out the twin carbon fiber cannons sticking out of the rear. Love that black carbon look. Just listen to the Jaguar supercharged V8 R engine! It snaps, crackles, and pops at the 5:00 mark of the video below. Screaming through the woods sounds like a cap gun battle. London’s tall skyscrapers must echo throughout the city.

On Quicksilver’s website, they mention working only with top quality steel, machine bending techniques, sound tuning methods, and other industry leading ways of building world-class exhausts. One thing’s for sure, it sounds fantastic!

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Via [SOL, Quicksilver]

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