Jaguar Land Rover Portland Tech Incubator Welcomes Two New Start-Ups

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For the next six months, LISNR and PILOT Automotive Labs will work side by side with Jaguar Land Rover on in-car connectivity and advanced driver-assistance systems, respectively.

Back in February, we told you Jaguar Land Rover had recruited three new start-ups focused on connected/automated cars, natural language/voice controls, and electric vehicle charging for its Portland Tech Incubator program. Now comes news that Jaguar Land Rover has signed up two more start-up companies.

LISNR is a company that uses inaudible sound waves (aka Smart Tones) to transmit information. In the JLR Tech Incubator program, it’ll concentrate on in-car connectivity tied into seat personalization, remote apps, and keyless entry. LISNR will also be working on ways to eliminate the risks associated with transmitting data peer-to-peer between connected devices.

PILOT is working on future technology that offers the ability to apply modern ADAS features to legacy vehicles currently on the roads, improving safety and the driving experience for the customer. PILOT could assist and/or provide drivers with navigation, voice control, road sign and traffic signal detection, forward collision warnings, emergency 911 calls, lane departure alerts, and obstacle detection. The technology allows for a gradual path from ADAS to autonomous car functionality.

According to Jaguar Land Rover, “Over the next six months, LISNR and PILOT will be provided with a variety of resources including direct investment and services; development support from the Jaguar Land Rover global engineering teams; mentorship; and designated space within the Portland research and development facilities.”

JLR launched the Tech Incubator program in 2016. It plans to work with approximately 120 start-up companies over the course of a decade. It’s currently taking applications for the next wave of the initiative at

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