Nicole Kidman Drives an XJ in Jaguar Chase Scene from ‘The Invasion’

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Jaguar Chase Scene

Once again, YouTube delivers another good Jaguar chase scene from a lackluster flick.

Well, I don’t know how I missed this one. For a dude who has complained — on this blog, and multiple times — about how much he loves a good Jaguar chase scene, there are still quite a few out there I haven’t checked out. And spoiler alert? This XJ gets pretty trashed. So maybe I’ll start looking for chase scenes where the big cats don’t get totally destroyed? That’s starting to seem like a much taller order.

This clip comes courtesy of 2007’s The Invasion, starring Nicole Kidman and future James Bond Daniel Craig. Now to be honest, I’m a little surprised I haven’t see this one, because I’ve always appreciated Nicole Kidman’s acting chops. Folks of a certain age might remember a certain scene from Malice, where she used some unprintable language to ask Alec Baldwin to go upstairs. Unfortunately, that extremely direct bit a dialogue isn’t on YouTube. Believe me, I looked.

Anyway, The Invasion is a remake of the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and was derided as terrible upon its release. The disappointing final project could have been due to its relatively shoestring budget, but is more likely the result of infighting among the production team. Before it  was released, it would see 17 days of re-shoots and a new ending tacked on to the original 45-day schedule. So I don’t know if I’ll bother watching the whole thing — I’m seriously just going to watch Malice instead.

But the car chase is solid, and features an XJ6. From the look of the chrome on the trunk and the wheels, it looks like a Vanden Plas. Like the rest of the shoot, the Jaguar chase scene didn’t go smoothly, and Kidman broke her ribs and had to be hospitalized — though she was able to return to filming after getting patched up. You can check out the chase below, and make sure head to the forum to let me know what you think of the chase — or suggest another one!

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