Love Your Jag? You Could Feature in Jaguar’s Latest Photo Shoot!

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Jaguar has a casting call out for owners and fans of the brand, you have two weeks to apply.

We received an email about Jaguar. Now, this is certainly not uncommon, enthusiasts, fans of the brand, and Jaguar themselves contact us all the time. However, this was a bit different. We received a casting call from Donna Grossman Casting, asking us to put a wanted notice on the homepage. After checking it out, we agreed.

According to the casting call, Jaguar is looking for people who have “a strong connection with the brand and preferably own a recent model Jaguar vehicle.” Sounds like our forum members certainly fit the bill there.

Jaguar New Faces Casting Flyer

It goes on to say that “if this sounds like you, please tell us about yourself in a selfie video, or some photos and write a brief paragraph of two that illustrate why we should consider you for this fantastic opportunity.”

Interested, but unsure what to expect? No problem. We did some digging, and it turns out that Land Rover hosted a similar program, with great success. These “owner stories” segments are a cool glimpse into the luxury lifestyle of owning a Jaguar Land Rover product. Who knows, we might see you in the next Jaguar ad out there. Now wouldn’t that be cool? So, go ahead and apply now.

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