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Koenig Specials

This Jaguar XJS modified by Koenig Specials is a little weird and completely over the top, and it’s looking for a new home.

There’s a sandwich spread in the UK called Marmite and it’s very pungent and strong tasting. Because people tend to have a strong reaction to their first taste, it’s become a term used to describe something people will either love or hate. This XJS modified by Koenig Specials is definitely a Marmite car.

Koenig Specials Jaguar on BBS wheels

At the time of writing, a $10,500 bid doesn’t meet the reserve on eBay. It’s also tough to call what sort of price it should sell for. We suspect it would do better without those BBS wheels as they don’t really suit the muscle car vibe the rest of the car is giving off.

That’s easily fixed though. With some suitable wheels, it could look really aggressive. Like something Mad Max would drive if he was more of a gentleman.

It’s just a shame it’s not Jaguars V12 under the hood. Instead, there’s the straight 6 cylinder engine with a race cam and high compression pistons. The good news is that it’s mated to the original 5-speed manual. It also has an overhauled ECU with a tune on it, and according to the seller, the car recently had a comprehensive service. There’s no vehicle history report available on eBay, but the VIN does show the car originally comes from the U.K.

Also according to the seller, all the work carried out is by Koenig Specials. They were a celebrated German tuning house towards the end of last century, mainly notable for their Ferrari and Porsche work. If this car is to their specs for a full XJS build, then those wide fender flares make the XJS two feet wider at the rear.

You can check out the full listing on eBay here. The question is: Do you love it or hate it?

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