Jaguar Car Chase: The XJ6 Scene From Bellman and True

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Jagaur Chase Bellman and True

The big cat dies at the end. But at least it goes out with a bang.

Everyone loves a good car chase, and quite obviously, we like them better when there’s a Jaguar as the hero car. But for a marque that builds incredibly beautiful, athletic cars, there aren’t really tons of examples of Jags being flogged on screen.

In fact, without resorting to Google, it’s kind of hard to come up with any really notable ones. The first one that jumps to our mind is the chase scene in Get Carter, which punctuates with an XJ6 getting crashed into a building in Seattle. And to be honest, we don’t think we’d actually even remember that one, if not for the fact that sequence was shot around the corner from one of our old offices.

So it was a nice surprise to stumble across this one from 1987’s Bellman and True, because while the Series II XJ gets pretty bashed up — and suffers a rather ignoble end — during the escape from a bank robbery, it’s pretty awesome to see it ripping through the streets of London. Apparently, the box office for this flick was pretty underwhelming, and we’d never even heard of it until a couple days ago. From looking at good old Amazon — which has only one DVD copy and a VHS version going for $45 — we get the feeling it’s been out of print for a while, which might make it a little difficult to track down.

Of course, while 1967’s Robbery used an MK2, and Jags also had roles in Harold and Maude, Cruel Intentions, and Vanishing Point, we can’t think of too many more. Enjoy the clip below, and head to the forum to add your favorite Jaguar cinematic moments.

Are there any that we’re missing?

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