This Jaguar XJ Costs How Much?!?

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Jaguar XJ Supercharged

Depending on which side of the curve you’re on, depreciation and be a terrifying or very exciting prospect. Take this gently used 2012 Jaguar XJ, which can be yours for just $35,000. Part time automotive journalist and full time goofball, Doug Demuro has continued his brigade to review and profile the obscure and unusual.

In this case, the only unusual thing is this XJ’s low price tag. Or perhaps not, as the sharp depreciation curve of Jaguar is not a new trend. As Demuro states, praise be to the depreciation curve, unless you’re on the wrong side of it. This introduces new buyers, who may not of otherwise considered Jaguar, to the brand. Of the possible cars to introduce someone to Jag, the XJ Supercharged it a great start, with it’s 5.0L supercharged V8 producing 470 horsepower. More than the power is the opulence and luxury of the car: simply put, there are niceties in this car (heated, massaging seats; the infotainment system; the quality materials and touch points) that just won’t be found in other cars valued at $35 large, or, even in it’s own class, for that matter. The Jaguar XJ offers a level of presence not seen in other vehicles. It’s large, elegantly proportioned and offers just enough sharpness in it’s styling to not appear overwrought or bulbous, like some other players in the market.

I can hear the armchair critics collectively clearing their throats: “Yes, but, the most expensive luxury car is a cheap, used luxury car,” but alas, Mr. Demuro has that angle covered as well. This generation of XJ is surprisingly robust and not prone to the mechanical or electrical maladies common in this tier of luxury. If you’re still apprehensive, don’t be, Jaguar’s Certified Pre-Owned program is one of the best in the North American market, offering 6 years or 100,000 miles of coverage from the original sale date, and if you’re looking for more overkill, CarMax will offer you a 5 year warranty inclusive on the car, from the day you buy it, for about $5000.

It’s time to make some new friends in your local Jaguar club chapter, because with cars like this on the second hand market, you will be seeing them on the road for quite some time.

Jake Stumph is the Content Editor who runs Jaguar Forums, and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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