One Man’s Ambition Leads to Ultimate XJS

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Jaguar XJS Shooting Brake

JF Member Documents how He Created Showcar-Worthy XJS Shooting Brake Using Old Chevy and Datsun Parts

Sometimes companies forget to make the car we all want. In the case of Jaguar, the shape they neglected to produce an XJS shooting brake. One ambitious forum member set out to change that, and the results are stunning.

Cutting and slicing two XJS models, Jaguar Forums member bullitandy spent over a year making his XJS shooting brake almost indistinguishable from a production model. From the outside, you’d honestly believe it was a Jaguar model and not a project. Not only that, he went even further and upgraded the interior and V12 engine as well.

The main hurdle to overcome was building the new rear section of the roof, which surprisingly was grafted from an older Chevy pickup truck. Support braces that were used were also carried over from a Chevy van, and the hatch is taken from a Datsun 260Z.

The inside received the same high quality treatment as the exterior. The seats were re-skinned, and the addition of a rear bench seat was added to match the fronts. Also, hidden behind the rear bench seat is some audio equipment. Finishing off the back part of the car is a beautiful wood-inlay trunk floor.

Thankfully, the whole process has been faithfully documented on our forums. It’s several pages long, so if you’re in it just to admire the pictures, there’s another thread for that as well.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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