Land Rover Discovery Road Rally Machine Drifts Effortlessly

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This Discovery rally truck is equal parts unconventional and sideways.

Why unconventional? Listen to it. If it sounds different, you would be right. This Discovery is motivated with a BMW S50 engine. This is the 3.0L straight six found in European-delivered BMW E36 M3’s. Depending on the specific configuration, this upgrade is good for 290-320 horsepower, before modifications. Going to go out on a limb and guess that this swap has an aftermarket exhaust header, and other additional power adders.

The swap is fun, however, the way this Landy is being driven is the most awesome part. Watching this thing get whipped around corners sideways is just fantastic. The howl of the S50 as this thing charges up the hill through this rally stage is just phenomenal.


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