Jaguar and Land Rover Clean Up at the 2017 Car Design Awards

By - Jaguar Land Rover Car Design Awards 2017

Land Rover brings home trophy for Best Brand Design Language; Jaguar I-PACE Concept is named top Concept Car.

We’ve known that Jaguar and Land Rover make beautiful vehicles for years. The F-TYPE is a lithe, semi-sexual object of desires and fantasies. The Evoque may be a small Land Rover, but it’s big on style. This year’s 2017 Car Design Awards confirmed it: Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are officially gorgeous.

According to JLR, Auto & Design magazine held the awards ceremony at the Turin Motor Show to “celebrate brands and models that have contributed significantly to the evolution of automotive design. An international panel of journalists chooses winners in three categories: Concept Cars, Production Cars and Brand Design Language (new for 2017).” The jury included people from such publications as Top Gear, Car and Driver China, Automobile, and, of course, Auto & Design.

JLR representatives went up to accept three awards. Thanks to the Jaguar I-PACE Concept, they got the prize for the best entry in the Concept Car category. The 394-horsepower/516-lb-ft electric one-off beat out the huge and handsome Cadillac Escala and the dramatic and curvy Renault Trezor. Land Rover’s new Velar earned its designers second place in the Production Cars category. It may not have been first, but being edged out by a machine as visually graceful and stunning as the new Ford GT is almost a compliment. However Land Rover’s crew members took it, they also took home the prize for having the Best Brand Design Language. Silvia Baruffaldi, editor of Auto & Design and President of the Jury of the Car Design Award, said, “In bringing back the Car Design Award we wondered if it might not be fair to also reward the design team that more than any other has been able to give substance and consistency to a brand’s styling idiom over a time span longer than just a single model. Land Rover has done an excellent job in this regard.”

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