Rally Reconnaissance Land Rover Is An eBay Bargain

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Rally-ready Land Rover boasts driver pedigree that includes current F1 hot-shoe Carlos Sainz and the rally god himself, Colin McRae.

There is something particularly special about rally-prepped machines. A special kind of purposefulness that can surpass that of any pavement racer. It’s that need to create a machine that is not only fast, but as durable as sledgehammer. With that in mind, allow us to point you at one of the most magical machines to ever grace the wild and wondrous eBay.

This Land Rover Freelander is a former rally reconnaissance vehicle, and it’s everything we want in life. Mechanically altered from stem to stern with some of the best off-road bits that money can buy, it boasts a driver pedigree that includes current F1 hot-shoe Carlos Sainz, and the rally god himself, Colin McRae.

If you ignore the mud flaps, stickers, and OZ rally wheels, this Freelander looks essentially stock, but the devil is in the details. The hood is said to be fiberglass to cut weight, the interior is caged, the seats are hardback Sparco Buckets, and the dash is covered in gauges, switches and emergency cutoffs. Further upping the go-faster credentials, the body is said to be seam welded, and there is a fully adjustable suspension from Reiger.

Providing all the oomph for this rig is a heavily modified K-Series V6 from the MG ZS 180. In stock trim it would pump out just shy of 180 horsepower and 180 lb/ft of twist. The engine has seen a full rebuild and has been fitted with a set of individual throttle bodies for each cylinder, so we expect that power number is now north of 200 horsepower. That is just speculation on our part however, as the seller provides no real input on what actual power numbers are.

All in, there is a lot to love about this awkward slice of automotive mayhem, but the most enticing part of this entire sale is the price tag. Despite all the aftermarket goodies, and proper racing-driver pedigree, the asking price for this Land Rover Freelander is less than $15,000 at current conversion rates. Of course, getting it across the pond from Wales will likely incur some heavy cash penalties. Still, the thought of paying less than the price of a new Corolla for a rally-prepped Land Rover has us filled with thoughts of shenanigans and mayhem.

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